We’re experts in media, mobile, brand and international development. Founded by the Nike Foundation in 2004, today we’re an independent creative non-profit working from nine global locations and active in over 50 countries.

Through our work, a girl can start to express herself, value herself, and build the relationships she needs. In tangible, measurable ways. When she has the widespread belief and support of others, and when there are millions of girls like her, these changes become a new normal. Where she can seek out the things she needs – from vaccination to education to economic opportunity.

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If a girl believes in herself and her community believes in her, a whole belief system can change to uplift her.

Maria Eitel, Chair, Girl Effect

真正的女孩,真实的生活,连接, 2018

A global study by Girl Effect and the Vodafone Foundation into girls’ access to and usage of mobile, told through 3,000 voices


Zathu发射es, 2017



Girls Connect pilots, 2017

A first-of-its-kind mobile platform for girls, developed in partnership with the iSON Group


Springster launches, 2017

A global mobile platform to propel a new generation of connected girls


Mobile World Congress, 2017

Girl Effect former CEO, Farah Ramzan Golant, speaks about the power of mobile innovation in girls hands

TEGA pilot


Technology Enabled Girl Ambassadors pioneer a brand new research methodology in Kano, Nigeria

Girls Summit

Girl Summit, 2014

Alongside UNICEF, Girl Effect co-hosts the first Girl Summit, with a mission to end FGM and child marriage

Girl Dec

女孩宣言consultation, 2014


耶launch 2

耶launches, 2012


NN launch

Ni Nyampinga的第一版,2011年

Youth brand Ni Nyampinga launches in Rwanda with a magazine made for girls, written and distributed by girls



Ethiopian youth brand通过新的电视剧扩展其现有的8.5米,并拥有超过90%的人口来访问该品牌。ni nyampinga.,一个真正的国家nal movement in Rwanda, strengthens its impact through a new weekly radio drama featuring the perspectives of both girls and boys.

在尼日利亚,Girls Connect建立在其飞行员的罢工成功,跨越卡诺和江户州的竞选活动来拓宽女孩的电话。TEGApioneers new research innovations and grows its impact through partnerships with the likes of theBill and Melinda Gates Foundationand the澳大利亚政府的外交和贸易部.Springster继续扩大世界各地的数字足迹,同时通过发展来深化其影响新聊天有可能达到数百万女孩的有关性健康的建议。

And Girl Effect and沃达丰基金会release真正的女孩,真实的生活,连接, the world’s first comprehensive global study into adolescent girls’ access and usage of mobile phones.


与之合作Facebook免费基础知识,女LDsportsPP电子孩效果移动变成了Springster- 将女孩互相连接的移动平台,以及他们需要达到其全部潜力的内容,服务和建议。

LDsportsPP电子女孩效果推出青年品牌Zathu.in Malawi, as part of a partnership with总统防治艾滋病紧急救援计划的梦想. Zathu uses the power of music and storytelling to unite and encourage friendships between boys and girls. It aims to close the gender gap and reduce the high rates of HIV in girls.

TEGA, Girl Effect’s multi award-winning mobile-based research tool pilots in the US, in Saginaw, Michigan, to trial its application in a developed world context and better understand the lives of girls and women in Saginaw.

与此同时Girls Connect通过与ISON集团的一流合作,在尼日利亚的试点发射。按需移动平台将讲故事的力量与培训的员工的一对一支持相结合。


LDsportsPP电子女孩效果形成了一种新的合作伙伴关系Gavi解决宫颈癌 - 全球南部的巨大杀手。Gavi支持各国购买HPV疫苗,而女孩效果使用其青年品牌的力量来帮助女孩们能够寻找疫苗。LDsportsPP电子

ni nyampinga.一位女子卢旺达的第一批青年品牌,由女孩为5岁,达到660万人(人口79%以上),积极影响女孩的信心和社区对性别平等的态度。

与此同时first TEGA network goes live in Abuja, Nigeria. Through TEGA, girls collect data about their world in real time. This helps girls gain employable skills, while providing Girl Effect and partners with authentic, meaningful insights to inform all our work.



As a result of relentless work by Girl Effect and 25 development partners, the女孩宣言ensures girls feature prominently in the Sustainable Development Goals. It’s a landmark moment – the first time girls’ needs are explicitly and substantively included in the global development framework.


The first TEGA pilot runs in Kano, Northern Nigeria.

Alongside UNICEF – with the support of UK Prime Minister, David Cameron – Girl Effect host the firstGirl Summit,旨在结束FGM和儿童婚姻。由于活动,19个国家致力于在一代人中结束诉讼和儿童婚姻。



These insights inform the女孩宣言– a concrete set of goals, targets and indicators created with over 25 development partners, with the ambition to inspire a deep girl-focus within development institutions.


LDsportsPP电子女孩效果推出耶娜,Ethiopia’s first brand for teens. Initially a radio drama, Yegna – meaning ‘ours’ – follows five girls who face their own challenges but come together through a love of music to form a band.


LDsportsPP电子女孩效果推出NI Nyampinga作为一本杂志和广播秀。它从7岁的女孩记者始于15-24岁的报告故事,了解来自限制性规范的当地女孩。乐动足球视频Ni Nyampinga的名称被女孩选择,并意味着“一个美丽的内部和彻底的女孩,做出良好的决定”。


女孩集线器由Nike Foundation和DFID推出。合作伙伴关系导致了女孩峰会的创造,加速了影响女孩的问题的进展。它还推出了弹簧孵化器,以支持企业家开发改善女孩生活的产品和服务。



Girl Effect’s work challenges people to think differently about girls. From the launch of filmThe Clock is Tickingat the World Economic Forum in Davos, to collaborations with the Novo Foundation, the United Nations Foundation and many other partners.


Girl Effect is launched in 2004 by the Nike Foundation and its partners. Founded on a single premise: that the most effective way to break the cycle of global poverty is to improve the situation of adolescent girls.


What we do

We create youth brands and mobile platforms that millions of young people love and interact with. In ways that empower girls to change their lives.

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With the support of our partners, our youth brands and mobile platforms reach an estimated 29 million people in a year across over 50 countries.