October 11, 2020

Day of the Girl

A girl should know her place and that place isanywhere she wants

It’s a universal truth: every girl and woman has been told to know their place. On the Day of the Girl we want girls around the world to know that their place is anywhere they want.

Here’s a few reasons why...

Take part in #TheGirlEffect

What did society, family, bosses tell you that you weresupposed todo? What did youchoose todo?

Share your supposed to / chose to story on your social channels. Tag one friend who inspires you to share theirs.

Why just one? Because when one girl finds her power to make different choices that change her life, it inspires others to do so too. It creates a ripple effect. That’s #TheGirlEffect.

Start a conversation

Power. Choice. Control. Equality. What does it mean for you, for us, for girls?

Girl Effect xLongwalkshave created Conversation Cards to get us talking.

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empowered girl in crowd


Girl Effect uses the power of media to unlock the power of girls.From chatbots to chatshows and TV dramas to tech, Girl Effect creates content that helps girls make positive choices and changes in their lives.

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